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The Hunterian Museum and Memorial of University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow dates from 1451 and is also the other-oldest school better education in Scotland. The University boasts many illustrious teachers including James Watt, Adam Smith as well as the “father of antiseptic surgery”, Joseph Lister. An enduring exhibition with the Visitor Centre in University Avenue switches into more detail regarding the important discoveries manufactured by these as well as other scientists who taught here. Another famous scientist with connections to the university was William Hunter, an 1700s Glaswegian doctor who bequeathed his variety of anatomical parts, coins and objets d’art in order to create the foundation with the Hunterian Museum. The museum now includes collections from the departments of ethnography, zoology, geology and archaeology, including many finds from Roman sites. Artwork on display includes functions by Rubens, Rembrandt and Reynolds. The gallery also houses the reassembled principal interiors from architect Charles Mackintosh’s Glasgow home


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